House of

House of greens is thé home of high quality greenhouse vegetables. Our extensive assortment is always fresh and direct from one of our top class growers.

We are specialized in growing peppers, mini cucumbers and chili peppers. These are marketed under specific brand concepts.

Always fresh and
directly from the grower

House of greens stands for the high quality requirements our fresh products need to meet. Our top class growers are located in different countries around the world. This way we are able to supply our customers year-round high quality products.


Conventional, organic or both? House of greens delivers a complete package of vegetables year round, from lettuce to herbs. Click below for an overview of our core assortment.

Quality &
food safety

For both our products as our working methods we prioritise quality and food safety. Our assortment comprises conventional and organically grown products and for both  our growers have all the required certificates.

Chili Festival

Our chili peppers product range is a true ‘feast’ for the chili peppers lover! Chili Festival contains chili peppers of all shapes, sizes and scoville values.


Our mini cucumbers might be small in size but they’re big in taste. This healthy snack is irresistible!